About Sungton Properties

Professional Commercial Property Management

Built with over 32 years of experience

Sungton Properties, LLC brings 32+ years of experience in all phases and types of commercial real estate management and spporting services including investments, development, brokerage and construction. We also partner with the premiere commercial leasing companies throughout Houston.

Property Management

We provide attention to detail with all services. This includes regular property inspections, addressing daily maintenance issues, vendor oversight and nurturing landlord and tenant relationships.
We optomize returns thru accurate and professional services. Managing and reporting at a higher level than just Bookeepers, we have an in-house CPA that generates and reviews all the financial reporting.
We review budgeting on an annual and ongoing basis to ensure the successful operation of the properties.


We offer a full range of development services from land purchase to project completion of retail and office properties.

Commercial Real Estate in Houston

Construction Management

We work directly with the contractor to review and assist with timely completion of tenant and capital improvements.


We actively seek investment opportunities for our clients and partners. We keep a pulse on Houston area properties for sale or purchase that may be of value to our portfolio. Our investments include retail and office properties as well as undeveloped commercial land.


We offer commercial real estate brokerage services, representing both buyers and sellers. These include local, regional and national clients.

commercial property construction management

Why Sungton Properties for YOUR Commercial Real Estate Management?

Choose with confidence. We look for business partners, not clients. You are almost touching the right manager to interact with you and guide you to your commercial real estate management goals. We create value through quality professional management.